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Over the past few years, many news providers have written articles about how flossing lacks scientific evidence that it works. This is a gross misrepresentation of the studies that were performed. If you’ve wondered why our dentist and hygienists continue to remind you to floss, it’s because it does work, as long as you use good technique.

One of the studies the articles often cite compared 2 groups of people. One group flossed their own teeth every day and the other had their teeth flossed by a hygienist every day. The group that had their teeth flossed by a professional were 40% less likely to develop cavities than the group that did it for themselves. The difference between them was the technique.

When most people floss their teeth, they take a straight piece of floss, snap it between two teeth, rub it up and down a few times, wear into the gumline until it bleeds, then move to the next tooth. This is both uncomfortable and ineffective. Flossing teeth properly takes a bit more effort and good technique.

To floss your teeth properly, take 18-24 inches of floss from your dispenser and wrap the ends around your fingers until you have a length of 3-4 inches between them. Hold the floss tightly against a tooth ad pull it into a C-shape so it covers all sides of the teeth. Pull the floss back and forth from front to back and up and down. This will ensure the most coverage and effectiveness in removing plaque.

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