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Do you have a tooth that is severely damaged by decay or infection? If so, Dr. Amir Nikraz is here to save your tooth with root canal treatment!

Root canal treatment in San Clemente, California, has the reputation of being painful, but our dentist at Artistic Dentistry is thrilled to offer pain-free treatment. This treatment is needed when the nerve of the tooth is infected or the pulp inside the tooth becomes damaged. If this happens, we strongly recommend coming into our office right away.

The process of restoring the health of your tooth first involves our dentist numbing your tooth and surrounding area with a local anesthetic. Then, he will drill a hole into the tooth and remove the decayed nerve tissue and pulp. Our dentist will then thoroughly clean the tooth with root canal files and water. Next, he will place medication into the base of the tooth to promote healing. When the tooth is ready, our dentist will fill the tooth, layer by layer, with a dental filling. When it is completely full, he will trim the top of the filling to make it fit perfectly with your bite, and he will place a crown over the tooth if it is needed.

Are you experiencing excruciating pain? Call our office now at 949-366-1177 and schedule an appointment with us!

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