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Do you have one stubborn, unattractive tooth that distracts from your otherwise gorgeous smile? If so, Dr. Amir Nikraz is happy to change the appearance of that tooth to boost your self-esteem and improve the appearance of your smile.

We offer dental boding in San Clemente, California, to take the following actions:

  • Fix a cracked or chipped tooth
  • Change the shape of a tooth
  • Make a tooth look longer
  • Repair a decayed tooth
  • Close spaces between two teeth
  • Protect a tooth’s root if it has been exposed
  • Disguise a discolored tooth

The process involved in dental bonding only requires a little amount of time at Artistic Dentistry. First, our dentist will choose a color of material that matches closely with your teeth. Then, he will roughen the surfaces of the tooth and will apply a conditioning liquid to help the material bond to the tooth. Our dentist will then apply the tooth-colored material onto the tooth and will shape it and mold it into the desired shape. Then, he will harden the resin with a special light. When it is completely hardened, he will continue to trim and shape it until it is the perfect shape.

Are you ready to change the look of your smile with dental bonding? If so, call us now at 949-366-1177 and set up an appointment!

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