Our team works hard to change lives one smile at a time, and we are happy to do so with cosmetic dentistry.

Cosmetic dentistry in San Clemente, California, is the process of correcting the imperfections in your teeth to improve the appearance of your smile. We understand that a smile is something that can boost or alter your self-confidence, and we are here to give you the smile of your dreams! In order to do so, we are delighted to provide the following services:

These treatments have the ability to change the shape, size, length, and color of your teeth as well as align your smile into the perfect position. Each smile is unique, which means each technique used for every patient will be different. If you are interested in receiving the smile of your dreams, we invite you to come into Artistic Dentistry to meet with Dr. Amir Nikraz. During this meeting, our dentist will examine your entire oral cavity and decide which treatment will best benefit you. Once the decision is made, we will get you started on the cosmetic journey right away.

We are here to give you a new smile as well as a new life, and we are happy to do so with cosmetic dentistry! Call our office now at 949-366-1177 and schedule your first appointment with us.

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