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Is bad breath a daily occurrence for you? Also known as halitosis, bad breath can result in embarrassment or shame that affects your social interactions. Our dentist and team offer a few at-home methods that can help you keep your breath fresh:

– Drink water: One of the simplest methods to treat bad breath is to increase your water intake. Hydration helps your mouth to produce more saliva, which in turn aids your oral health by providing a clean rinse for the teeth and gums.

– Practice proper dental hygiene: Brushing and flossing are excellent methods to improve oral health, and they also aid in treating and preventing bad breath. If you neglect to brush twice each day and flossing your teeth once daily, the food particles and bacteria remain in your mouth and create bad breath.

– Rinse with mouthwash: While this oral care product should never replace daily efforts to brush and floss your teeth, rinsing with mouthwash regularly can serve as an extra step against bad breath. It leaves your smile feeling and smelling fresher.

– Eat healthy: It’s common knowledge that potent foods such as garlic and onions can stink up your breath, but many patients aren’t aware that acidic and high-fructose foods can also result in halitosis. We encourage you to avoid these foods and instead choose options that promote your saliva flow, including:

– Vegetables that are orange and dark green

– Crisp fruits

– Whole grains

– Lean proteins, including beans

If you are frequently struggling with bad breath in San Clemente, California, you may need to receive dental care from our dentist for an underlying oral condition. We invite you to contact Artistic Dentistry at 949-366-1177 today for a consultation with Dr. Amir Nikraz.