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It is important to always maintain a keen eye for any issues, irregularities, and abnormalities that can arise within your teeth and gums that can easily damage your smile. The habits you keep and the risks you take can easily put your mouth in harm’s way. Listed below are a few of the tooth hazards you need to be aware of, and what you can do to keep your smile safe:

– Chewing on ice may not seem dangerous, but it can easily chip and crack your teeth.

– Teeth can easily be damaged due to grinding them when you are stressed or sleeping, so consider wearing a protective treatment guard such as mouth guards.

– Exercise caution with the products you give to babies in their bottles, as baby bottle tooth decay can easily arise if liquids in the bottle are loaded with sugars. Furthermore, remove any bottles while they sleep so that liquids do not pool in their mouth.

– Avoid trendy fashion choices such as tongue piercings and lip rings. Mouth jewelry can easily do severe damage to your mouth including posing as choking hazards, lead to infections, cause gum lacerations, and chip and crack your teeth.

– Exercise caution with cough drops that you may use to help with sore throats. Numerous forms of cough drops are overloaded with sugars, which can easily increase your risk for enamel erosion and eventual cavities.

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