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How would you rate your diet in terms of its effect on your waistline? Similarly, how would you rank your diet in terms of your oral health? In both instances, you should make sure that you are doing everything you can to minimize the risks associated with your diet. If you’re not eating the right foods and drinking the right liquids, you could be putting your smile at risks of several oral health hazards.

Are you aware of which substances in your diet could be contributing to oral health risks such as tooth decay and gum disease? Several products in your diet not only produce bad breath, but they can also lead to dental problems that could be severe. Eliminate any products that could potentially damage your tooth enamel. Although on the surface, sugars and carbohydrates may not seem to be as harmful to your mouth as acidic foods, the truth is that plaque and bacteria in your mouth can convert those substances into acids which will chew through your tooth enamel.

Alternatively, you should focus on making sure that you are introducing healthy food options into your diet. This can include products that are high in the minerals calcium and phosphorus. You should also eat foods that stimulate saliva production as those that are crunchy and have a high water content. The additional production of saliva can help neutralize acids in your mouth and provide disease-fighting substances for your smile.

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