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Flossing is the ugly stepchild of dental hygiene. It is the most neglected oral health habit with only four out of 10 Americans reporting that they floss at least once a day, and 20 percent never floss at all. This terrible statistic needs to change. The problem may be that it is somewhat difficult and bothersome to wind that green string around your fingers and awkwardly angle it into your mouth. And, there are some people that have legitimate stumbling blocks to flossing such as dental appliances, or medical issues that make it even more difficult. For this reason, we have some suggestions for people who find it hard to floss by the traditional method.

Floss Picks Are More Maneuverable

If you have a hard time holding the string, let a little plastic pick do it for you. These marvels of modern science have pre-strung the floss string in a convenient y-shaped pick. The handle end comes to a point that is made to double as a toothpick.

Water Flossers Are Even Easier

For those who need something even easier than a floss pick, what could be simpler than shooting a stream of water in your mouth? (Psst, the answer is… Nothing!) Water flossers come with a tank, a hose, and little tip attachments that adjust the water stream. It forces food particles and plaque out of your mouth with pressurized water. Use a different nib tip and you can use it to flush your sinuses. Add salt or some other antiseptic to add power to your cleaning.

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