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The importance of your teeth is something that should go without saying. Sometimes it’s good to put things in perspective. Not only do your teeth help you by chewing, but they also serve as an aesthetic. White teeth make good impressions. If you feel your teeth aren’t up to your standards, come into Artistic Dentistry today and get a professional teeth whitening treatment!

Our treatment is quick and powerful and will leave your teeth eight times brighter than when you first walked in. The whitening treatment we offer is also safer than store-bought alternatives that have less safe chemicals and hardware.
During your treatment, Dr. Amir Nikraz takes the time to measure out a custom amount of the whitening gel to put in custom-fit plastic trays which cover your teeth during the treatment. This measurement ensures the gel doesn’t reach up to your gum line, in order to avoid you having any discomfort.

Our whitening gel is much more powerful than what you can buy in retail kits. This means you will get better results in less time. In addition, Dr. Amir Nikraz can use a dental laser to enhance the whitening if it is necessary.

If you have any questions about our whitening treatment or would like to set up an appointment with Dr. Amir Nikraz please call Artistic Dentistry in San Clemente, California today.