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Do you wish your dental appointments were easier and less scary? If so, laser dentistry is here to save the day!

Your dentist, Dr. Amir Nikraz, uses lasers in his office to aid in many dental treatments. In fact, lasers can:

-Eliminate tooth decay from the mouth and prepare the surrounding enamel for a dental filling

-Destroy bacteria and reshape the gums during a root canal treatment

-Treat gum disease

-Perform a biopsy

-Remove a lesion from the mouth

-Relieve pain from canker sores

-Quicken the teeth-whitening process by activating the whitening solution, making it penetrate deep into the teeth

Not only can lasers aid in these mentioned treatments and more, but they can also make your dental experience more comfortable and convenient. Dental lasers can:

-Reduce the need for anesthesia because it reduces the pain felt during treatment

-Lower the anxiety in patients who are terrified of the dental drill

-Minimize bleeding and swelling during treatments involving the soft tissues

-Preserve more healthy tooth enamel while removing tooth decay and placing a dental filling

As you can see, dental lasers can be helpful in many countless ways. If you would like to hear more about how dental lasers in San Clemente, California, can help you have a better dental experience, please call Artistic Dentistry today at 949-366-1177. We look forward to helping you!