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Chronic problems with periodontitis and other forms of gum disease can lead to a gradual loss of healthy bone structure that serves as an anchor for your teeth. Without professional intervention multiple teeth can be lost to chronic gum disease leading to severe oral dysfunction.

Even if a partial denture can replicate the basic function and appearance of the missing teeth, you could still be increasingly susceptible to complications related to oral atrophy. Without direct stimulation the bone tissues in the area can continue to degrade causing the base of a partial denture to fit poorly, and potentially lead to the loss of additional teeth.

To prevent oral atrophy complications before they arise, a person missing multiple teeth should consider setting up a consult with Dr. Amir Nikraz. After a comprehensive examination, which will likely include radiographic diagnostics he will help you understand your options for restoring the missing teeth as well as your essential oral function.

In some of these cases a dental implant supported bridge can be mounted in the area. This type of dental restoration involves a minimally invasive procedure, where our dentist will carefully insert two or more titanium dental implants into the existing bone structure.

Over time a natural process, which is known as osseointegration, will occur causing the special titanium material to bond with the living bone tissues. Once this occurs our dentist can prepare abutments with the strength to support your new dental bridge.

If you have lost multiple teeth in one part of your mouth, and you live in the area surrounding San Clemente, California, you should call 949-366-1177 to set up a dental restoration consult at Artistic Dentistry.