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Kids have a tendency to get hurt, and that risk only increases the more they play sports. If your kids are playing any kind of contact sport this year – baseball, soccer, basketball, or football – they need to wear a sports guard in order to ensure the safety and health of their teeth.

Sports guards are often overlooked by parents as equipment that’s not necessary, but the opposite is in fact true. Not wearing sports guards opens your kids to myriad potential risks. Let’s look at what those are.

Facial injuries are the most common

According to the American Dental Association, injuries to the face – specifically the mouth area – are the most common in all of sports. If your kids play without a sports guard for their teeth, you’ll more than likely make at least one emergency trip to the dentist.

Prevent long-lasting dental issues

If your child does suffer a dental-related oral injury, and it’s not properly treated, your child could have long-term side effects. For example, if a chipped tooth isn’t repaired, it can lead to tooth decay.

The same thing can happen as a result of teeth that are knocked out and not immediately addressed. If the tooth is lost in the grass, for example, your child needs to see Dr. Amir Nikraz about an implant as soon as possible. This will ensure their gums and surrounding teeth stay healthy.

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