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The key to a super smile begins by brushing efficiently and effectively. If your brushing habits are lacking, your oral health will probably be lacking as well. Quality brushing leads to a quality smile. Here is a list of a few simple tricks you can try to improve the quality and efficiency of your daily brushing habits:

– Always make sure your brush is in optimum condition with a full brush head. A standard toothbrush will last 3-4 months until it needs to be replaced.
– If a standard brush is difficult or hard to use, switch to an electric toothbrush.
– Look for brushes that have soft bristles and flexible heads capable of reaching all areas inside your mouth.
– Don’t forget to brush your tongue.
– Never share your toothbrush with anyone. Never store your toothbrush with any other toothbrush. Make sure your toothbrush is stored upright in a well-ventilated area.
– Use toothbrushes toothpaste that is dentist recommended or features the ADA Seal of Acceptance.
– Always remember to brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice every day.

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